3 Tech Tips and Tricks for Online Safety

3 Tech Tips and Tricks for Online Safety

Do you know that tech giants cover their web-cam,  microphone and take extreme measures to protect themselves online. This is why you should also take your own security seriously, the following Tech Tips and Tricks will help you do so!

Secure Your Email

3 Tech Tips and Tricks for Online Safety

One of valuable Tech Tips and Tricks for pros is different email clients let you install security certificates which can be used to encrypt email so that only trusted people read them. This means you get your own certificate from some less popular software which won’t cost you a fortune. The catch is your recipient will be using compatible email system. This also means you are protecting your platform. If your device gets stolen, and you have your password saved somewhere, then the ID is lost too. So memorize it and don’t let anyone find it.

Be Virtual

Running programs in a virtual environment instead of a real one is a lot safer. It keeps your applications safe from getting affected with any sort of virus or malware. Even if you get infected, you can roll back the application in early stages of the infection. Virtualization has its own pros and cons. They keep your files save from most viruses and malware, but you risk to lose them in case you lose the keys. So once again, you have to be careful with your password.

Have Your Backup

3 Tech Tips and Tricks for Online Safety 2

This is one of the most important Tech Tips and Tricks for the pros. If you make your living off your machine, then what will you do if it stops working for a day. Sure you can’t let it get in the way of your business. Well you can’t have it fixed within minutes (not always), unless you can fix it yourself. Therefore, you need to have a backup, laptop, system and mobile phone always in your possession.