4 iPhone Tips to Improve Your User Experience

4 iPhone Tips to Improve Your User Experience

Are you an iPhone user? If you are then there are a few tacky tricks you need to learn to improve your overall experience. Following, we are going to discuss a few of these tricks and how they can make your experience a blunt.

4 iPhone Tips to Improve Your User Experience

Save Clippings

When you find something valuable online, you stow it fast. Mail To self is a one tap solution for sending yourself email. The email will have a link of the webpage you were browsing. You should never mind pecking in proper email address as you text or email yourself. This is a hassle free solution for people who use their email as a to do list.

Quick Typing

If you use a smartphone, chances are you have your own collection of keystrokes. You have text replacement which you can find in Settings>General>Keyboard Menu and program your own shortcuts into the iOS. This will save you from a lot of tapping.

For starter, program OMW to be shown as on my way or addy to be shown as address. However, the obscured password doesn’t accept text replacement but usernames are the same.


iOS brings proactive features that doesn’t get the attention they should be entitled to. For a long time, The Reminder program was suffering from this. Siri can be easily programmed for a timely notification to remind you of something, or perform a certain action. The actions are broader than ever, and you can customize the whole thing as per your comfort.

4 iPhone Tips to Improve Your User Experience 2

Fall Asleep to Music

One of valuable iPhone tricks, don’t only relate the timer function to alarm only. It’s buried in the clock app. If you try, you can use this to stop paying music after a certain time. This is more of a sleep function that helps you fall asleep to music or a movie.