What You Need to Know About Mild Steel Enclosures

A mild steel enclosure or box is a robust storage box aimed at ensuring the safety of the contents within. Storage containers are made from materials such as mild steel or aluminum. Steel and aluminum are among the most popular metals for welding because they are strong enough to handle being melted down without losing their strength. Once they have cooled down, they will be just as strong as they were before they were heated up.


What are Mild Steel Boxes or Enclosures?

Mild steel is a mixture of iron and carbon that has a relatively low tensile strength but is inexpensive and easy to shape. Enclosures made from mild steel are cheaper than those made from other types of metal, such as stainless steel and aluminum. Mild steel is strong enough for most industrial applications. The term “mild steel” is not used for other metals, including stainless steel and aluminum alloys, because these materials are corrosion-resistant due to the presence of chromium (stainless steel) or aluminum oxide (aluminum alloys).

What Are Mild Steel Boxes Used For?

Mild steel boxes can be used in many different situations and applications. Some common uses include:

Electrical Enclosures – Housing wires, circuits, and electrical components safely in electrical environments. These are often used in industrial applications such as factories, warehouses, or car parks, where they need to be resistant to damage from impact and abrasion.

Telecommunications – Housing telecommunications equipment such as switches or routers in telecoms networks. These are usually smaller in size than industrial electrical enclosures.

HVAC – Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems require protective casings to ensure they operate safely whilst withstanding high temperatures, vibrations, and corrosive substances.

The main reason why people use mild steel boxes is that they are durable and sturdy. Mild steel is a common type of steel used in many industrial applications, including construction, automotive, and other areas.