What are the Advantages of Using Videos in Your eBay Store?

In addition to these simple practices, there are many other reasons to invest in product videos and eBay listings optimization. Just look at some data that shows how the eBay listing service really makes a difference in your online eBay store:


90% of people are more willing to buy or consume a product after watching a video about it. According to the survey, store owners claim that products that have videos attached to them sell much more than products that don’t.

Plus, your product page is 53 times more likely to appear on the top Google search pages if it has a video. This is very important for more people to find your store.

As we’ve already said, making a video descriptive of a product is more effective than improving eBay listings.

Consumers say they are 4x more willing to watch a video about a product than read a description about it. And besides, the chance of making the purchase practically doubles!

Buying something online is quite different from buying something in a physical store, after all, there is no seller at your side that can solve your doubts or give you security.

Using videos is a great way to fill this lack of face-to-face interaction. Therefore, people feel more confident buying something online if they can see how that product works through a video.

And another really cool tip is that you can use the videos beyond your virtual store environment. On social networks, for example, they have an outstanding engagement power!

So, now that you know how important videos are for your online sales, how about starting to invest in eBay listings optimization?

In such a competitive market, it is always important to invest in simple practices that always put your brand ahead of the competition and the video market is increasingly prepared for this.