Design a 3D model of a house in less than 5 minutes

Canvas is a groundbreaking new application that allows you to capture scale accurate 3d model of your home and minutes all on an iPad.

Here’s how it works, first attach a structure sensor to your iPad and launch the canvas app. Next start scanning.


Canvas captures thousands of    measurements per second and combines them and do a single 3d model you can use instantly. You don’t have to anticipate every measurement or view that you’ll need because with the 3d model you’ll have all of them. The great thing about canvas for is that you can take any of your employees send them out to a site have them capture the whole thing, have all the information you need without error.

A raw 3d model is powerful but if you want to make changes using professional tools you’ll need a simplified editable CAD file that’s why they built a new first-of-its-kind service right into canvas. It is  called “scan to CAD” and it converts your raw 3d model into CAD within 48 hours .

When I got my first CAD file back I really wasn’t sure what to expect and when I saw the file I couldn’t believe it. It was so accurate so thought out everything was in perfect layers. I can rely on canvas and structure sensor to provide me with more information than my brain would even remember to take a look at.

Clients of all levels want to see 3d modeling.  But with the advent of  canvas we can create that same level of project and a presentation for all .

If your already have a basic knowledge on 3D designing using this or any other software then you may want to take some introductory training in Autodesk Inventor software.

To make real-time 3d mapping possible on the iPad they created a new hardware and new software. They created the structured sensor giving mobile devices scale accurate  and depth sensitive. Also they’re introducing a new 120 degree wide vision lens which means you’ll experience the most stable motion tracking yet and most importantly they’ve upgraded their mapping algorithms.

I also noticed that they  gone from enabling you to scan objects to now allowing you to capture entire spaces.

For the first time it’s actually easy to turn a physical space into data. space is the new digital asset that you can store and bring with you wherever you go.