How to Track a Cell Phone by GPS

With this system you can detect who bothers you constantly from a mobile, if you are going through this situation, then we will show you how to do it.

Through mobile devices, its use is very constant to make jokes or go seriously, through threats or controversial situations. If this is your case you should know how to track a cell phone by GPS and once and for all, know who bothers you.

You can also use this system if you want to know where your children are and keep track of the places they frequent. This ensures the safety of everyone.

For this there is an excellent app, Phonetracking that will help you to track the mobiles easily. In addition, it is a completely free process and regardless of the reasons, this will give you a bit of security to know where people are.

You only have to install this app on the mobile you want to track. Once installed, open it and follow the instructions.

Tracking a cell phone with Gmail

Who does not have a Gmail account in this world, and if you do not have it, the best thing is that you register. This famous mail server is currently most used in the world, and thanks to one of its functions. It’s about how to track a cell phone using a Gmail account.

It is a program that is associated with your email account, and when you enter it, it will automatically indicate where your mobile is located. In addition to that you can perform other functions such as: delete the contents of it, block it or make it sound regardless of its sound status.

As you can see, it is an easy and easy method to locate, you only need to have a Gmail account and the rest is done automatically by the system.