What Can You Achieve with Spyzee – A Mobile Spy App

When technological devices are available as means of information or communication for a company, they must be controlled. By itself, the equipment is not harmful, but when the man intervenes, they begin to take on the personality of the person who manipulates them.

If your company is full of technological equipment such as: tablets, computers, smartphones or laptops; keep in mind that each of them has a personality. Before this it is mandatory to know each function or activity that is done with them, and for that Spyzee can help you.

Knowing where each of the teams are located, which are part of the company’s inventory, should be used for the sole purpose for which they were compared. If they are not, with Spyzee open each step that occurs with it and are misused, you can have at hand those responsible and incriminating evidences.

With this app, you will have enormous possibilities with geolocation tools, which will allow you to know where your teams are. With this function you can program each of the allowed mobilization limits of each device.

In case any device is located outside the allowed range, an alarm will be activated that will reach the destination control panel. If you did not know, with this app, you’ll also reach the depths of mobile tracking: social networks and instant messaging applications.

As a very special function, you can access the history of internet visits that were searched on the mobile device. If you want to know more, you will have access to telephone records, contacts, messaging, internet usage and all similar features.

This feature is perfect for corporate cell phones that must have a fixed amount and use. In case of exceeding, it is best to know why this happened and this app gives you that answer.