Google Analytics Reports – A Complete Guide

The Google Analytics reports are very important to transform into marketing actions and to implement the web analytics and metrics culture in your company and today we’ll give tips on how to build a report with information from Google Analytics.


Google Analytics Report – Intelligence Events

Intelligence events is the most practical and easiest report for you to start, as it is automatically generated by Google Analytics and thus helps you to create a filter on what needs to be analyzed.

Intelligence generates the alerts when any aspect (for example conversion rate) for any section (for example AdWords traffic) differs from the predictable range.

Google Analytics Report – Internal Search

In the internal search, you can find out what your users are typing on the site and the cool thing is for you to separate this into following two aspects:

Internal research with recipe – This one is important for you to be able to know what your users are typing and that you actually have on the site and can convert. This analysis helps you to guard against stock-outs and also influence the sale of these products in your performance media.

Internal Searches with Search and without Prescription – It is the main analysis of the internal research report.

In this report you can understand if your internal search is having problems understanding what the user is typing, such as the difference between t-shirt and regatta.

Google Analytics Report – Brand Comparison

The brands comparison report is not a standard report and therefore it is necessary to see here how to set up and adjust it to have access to SENSATIONAL given below:

The brand comparison report is very powerful because you can compare yourself to other sites in the same industry as yours, with the same size of daily sessions and from the same region, it’s just AWESOME and you get a sense of direction and know how improve or adjust your traffic sources.