What is Yield Advertising? Is It Worth It?

Yield Advertising is a method of advertising that shows you where to find your best customers. It pays attention to the frequency and location of your ads as well as ad position. Researchers have found that this type of targeted marketing can increase conversions from 2% up to over 20%. Yield Advertising has been tested on TV, radio, print, and outdoor postings and has proven to be an effective marketing service.


Yield Advertising uses a variety of factors to determine where consumers are most likely to search for your products. For example, if you sell outdoor equipment, you might want to post ads on hiking blogs, in alpine magazines, or near skis at major ski areas. If your target market is expecting a baby, placing an ad near maternity clothing at a department store might be the most effective spot. Yield Advertising will find this for you and show your ads to more of the right people.

This type of marketing takes some patience but can provide an impressive return on investment if you have a specialized product or service. While Yield Advertising does not work for every business, it has worked for many. It is an excellent addition to most marketing plans, including search engine advertising and social media campaigns.

It helps you find your best clients so that they are more likely to buy your product or service, which saves you time and money.  If you have a specialized product or service, Yield Advertising may be the answer to finding more of your best clients.

Yield advertising is beneficial for both “buyers” and “sellers.” The main benefit for businesses using yield advertising is that they end up with increased profits at a lower cost compared to other marketing campaigns. Advertisers don’t pay any money to participate in yield advertising.

Conventional marketing campaigns require companies to pay every time someone views or clicks on their ads, but with yield advertising, no money changes hands unless a sale closes. Companies can save thousands of dollars each month by not having to pay for online advertising. This is a huge reduction in cost and companies who want to market their product better, but don’t have a large budget, can now accomplish this task without going broke.