3 Tips for WordPress Themes Perfection

3 Tips for WordPress Themes Perfection

It seems a dream that every WordPress Themes developer has access to his own crack team of battled tested designer, and front end geniuses who are not afraid of getting the hands dirty for work. Following we are giving you a few of the best design practices today.

3 Tips for WordPress Themes Perfection

Keep Up with Current Trends

Yes, we have heard that “Only Dead Fish goes with the Flow” but sometimes keeping up with the trends help you to develop yourself. You need to follow up with your competitors and develop a way to beat them at their own game. You can achieve this by following the current trends, and combining them with an element of your own.

Make It Easy To Access

Bounce Rates tend to be different in different parts of your site, this remains an unfortunate truth of WordPress Themes as most people don’t research much before constructing their content. They just head straight to the virtual magic.

It’s surprising how people make quick decisions about they want to stay on site or not. This is where the design comes in, it has to be appealing enough to keep people looking around. This is achieved with great layout, lots of research and high end content.

Put White Space to Good Use

Developers tend to work in an organized manner. But they don’t optimize for aesthetics as much as they do for efficiency. This is why most websites are treated like old newspapers which have an overload of information seem hard to consume.

3 Tips for WordPress Themes Perfection 2

You have to make sure your visitors are drawn to your site own their own because of some important piece of info. This is why you have to put good use of white space in your WordPress Themes. White space highlights important inform, as well as it improves reading comprehension. It helps the overall design to look sleek.