6 Tips for You to Learn More in the Online Course

6 Tips for You to Learn More in the Online Course

In the context of the new coronavirus pandemic, in which social isolation is indicated, the offer of online courses at Israel Figa has grown. The premise that it is possible to develop without leaving home is great and if you know the secrets to study and learn in this type of training, it gets even better.

Check out the recommendations for you to make the most of your online course.

6 Tips for You to Learn More in the Online Course

6 tips for you to learn more in the online course

  1. Create an appointment

One of the advantages of the online courses at Israel Figa is that you can choose the time and place to attend your classes. Use this feature to your advantage!

But, because of this, it is very important that in the online course, as in any other face-to-face course, you create a commitment to your development and learning. Do not leave it at: “when I do, I do it.

Commitment is, in practice, reserving a fixed time in the exclusive schedule to dedicate to the course and always prioritize it.

  1. Long live – The commitment

Well, now that you have created the commitment, it is only fair that you dedicate yourself and live that commitment by making the most of it. To do this, organize a quiet and comfortable place where you are and notify who is in the same place that you will be busy. Close the door, turn off your cell phone and do your best to reduce distractions.

Here is also the advice not to make the advantage of an online course, flexibility, a problem. Maintain focus and discipline as you would face-to-face.

  1. Write down and enjoy the pause

Always watch the class with a notebook, open Google Docs, or as you prefer, but write down what catches your attention, news and applicable ideas. Then, you can revisit those notes and get a lot of paper out!

Take advantage of PAUSE: you have the power to pause, take notes, come back if you don’t understand – don’t forget!

  1. Teach to learn

One of the best ways to learn is to teach, because teaching helps to consolidate knowledge and fix it.

So, share the knowledge you acquire, whether in a day-to-day conversation with your friend, mother, son, wife, husband.

  1. Connect

If your course provides a forum to interact with other participants, don’t miss this opportunity! Connect with other people and actively participate in debates and discussions, as the diversity of opinions can further enrich your repertoire.

  1. Don’t be shy, ask

In this modality, a very recurring problem is that the student is ashamed of eventually looking for the teacher to clarify doubts about the content taught. Therefore, do not feel bad and abuse the contact through the channels offered, such as e-mails or chats, to clear up any doubts and make the most of everything that is taught in the video lessons.

When accessing online classes, you enter a much larger universe and can connect with different lines of reasoning and learn about different techniques, even more, the knowledge obtained in the virtual classrooms.